Monday, 20 April 2015

Last little tease

These are the last three pages of the preview to the book I'm working on with Dale Mettam.

It's violent, sexy and sweary, so if nothing else it'd probably fall foul of Blogger's censorship if I posted any more of it...

Jael is ©2015 Dale Mettam and Jonathan Wyke

Monday, 6 April 2015


Just a couple of teaser pages for a new strip, co-created with the terrific Dale Mettam.

Dale's writing on this is so good it's shaming me rather into trying to pull out all the stops. Obviously this makes me as slow as a very slow thing.

It's something of a departure for me, in that it's set in modern times and uses more than two colours. Just on these two pages there are three colours! Three! It's crazy.

©2015 Dale Mettam & Jonathan Wyke