Saturday, 1 June 2013

A bit of magpie

We all have bits and pieces we work on I guess, and this is from one of mine. 'magpie' is a love story in three acts, and I've been playing about with it for about 20 years on and off.

It's been a comic strip, a novel, a comic again, a screenplay, an illustrated story, a mix of all three and now perhaps a comic again. It'll never be finished I suspect, rather it'll remain something I potter on when the mood takes me. Whatever incarnation it's been, I've always tried to treat it's themes - relationships and sex really - in an honest and realistic way.

I'm posting it here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, despite having worked in this for so long, it has no real physical presence. There are notebooks full of story and sketches. There are pages of pages, ranging from layouts to finished artwork going back years, in a variety of different styles and competence. There is, however, nothing that I've ever shown, and I think I wanted to post a page or two, just to show that it exists! Secondly, every now and again folks here will comment on stuff, and I find that very useful!

magpie is ©2013 Jonathan Wyke

magpie contains lots of sex and swearing.

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