Monday, 26 August 2013

IRON page 07

Here's another page of IRON, and like page 06, it's currently unlettered. I find condensing down what I want to say into a managable form much harder than drawing pictures, so I tend to dither. The updated versions with text for pages 06 and 07 will probably arrive with page 08, since it's really the same narrative movement over all three pages.

This page - and the next really - follow the shift in viewpoint from the Saxon settlement up to the partially ruined Roman villa. That the peoples of the time abandoned the 'civilized' roman buildings and basically went to live in the shed is fascinating, and I think is also a cultural decision as well as a practical one. Yes, the skill and slave dependent lifestyle of the market economy Roman Empire would have been difficult to maintain, but I'd like to think that the locals - and the new settlers - wanted to move away from the Empire's beliefs. A lot seems to be written on 'what the Roman's did for us', but they also attempted to destroy the indiginous culture here. It's a miracle anything survived, and a lasting tribute to those who must have resisted Rome's influence.

I am very pleased with the centre warrior's helmet in panel 2.

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