Saturday, 28 February 2015

IRON, now in colour!

Here's the first page of a new (very) short IRON strip.

As with all of these, it's real purpose is to try and teach me stuff, and for this one, I'm attempting a more conventional looking strip. With inking. And colouring in.

I've attempted a sort of semi-painted look here. I did try to do the airbrush style colouring that seems to be in vogue in comics at the moment, but found it really, really didn't go with the drawing style. Perhaps a better colourist than me would have more luck.

I found this style took me a hell of a lot longer, but I suspect that's for a couple of reasons - I'm not used to working in this way, and I was still producing ultra tight pencils as I didn't trust my rather shoddy inking. I'm hoping practice will speed the process up.

IRON is ©2015 Jonathan Wyke

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